Book Review: The Sofa In The Lake by Jennifer Hilty

The Sofa In The Lake

Even the most harmless-looking things can hide the deadliest of secrets.

A few months back, I recommended a story by one of my friends, Jennifer Hilty.

Well, now Jennifer’s gone and made a great story even greater. I’ve recently had the honor to be a beta reader for an expanded version of the story, and now that she’s begun uploading it on Wattpad, I thought I’d write a review of it.

In the wake of a devastating war, our future world is now haunted by unmanned technology, its origins-benevolent or otherwise-no longer known. In one out-of-the-way town, it’s a favorite past-time to try and uncover the secrets of this technology, especially the secrets of whatever cleans and purifies a nearby lake.

When it’s reported that a huge sofa has randomly appeared in the lake, two youths-Kenny and his best friend August-decide to go see it for themselves. It’s the largest object ever found in the lake and provides the perfect excuse to make their own attempt at solving the lake’s mysteries…as well as the perfect escape from monotonous boredom and endless bullying.

After they’re in the water, however, they discover too late that someone put the sofa there deliberately, hoping to attract attention, hoping to lure in curious onlookers.

Now, they’re both pawns in a fight tied to the lost history of the lake and their world, a duel where lives hang in the balance…and they have absolutely no idea which side to trust.

How would I sum up this tale? Well, it reads like someone blended the Science-Fantasy wonders of the Star Wars Universe with the dark mysteries of the Harry Potter series. The world-building (for both the world that August and Kenny hail from and the world that they ultimately find themselves in) is incredible, and the plot keeps you guessing. If this were available on Amazon, I’d gladly fork over my money for a copy…but Jenn is making the whole thing available for absolutely FREE.

Just click on this link here and enjoy: The Sofa In The Lake


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