Book Review: The Sea Was A Fair Master by Calvin Demmer

The Sea Was a Fair Master by [Demmer, Calvin]

What if the laws that governed reality on land had no effect at sea? What if reality on the waves was governed by an entirely different set of laws? What if those laws were malevolent?

In the midst of a promising voyage, a ship’s crew comes across a raft in the middle of the ocean. On the captain’s orders, they rescue its sole occupant, and that is when the skies begin to darken.

The crew quickly find themselves plagued by more than the suddenly fierce weather. Another ship—an otherworldly, shadowy ship—is spotted in the distance, pursuing them. Before any explanation can be found, something begins killing the men on board…and driving the survivors mad.

The captain and his chief officer frantically look for a way to save everyone, but do the answers lie with the delirious castaway they’ve rescued or with whatever is piloting the phantom vessel?

I bet you’re wondering what’ll happen next, but you might also be wondering something else: do you even have the time to find out? I don’t know your schedule or what all is going on in your life at the moment. For all I know, it may be too much to ask for you to commit to a novel right now…but what if I told you that the story I just described is only eight paragraphs long and could easily be read in one sitting?

You see, Calvin Demmer’s The Sea Was A Fair Master isn’t a novel. It’s a collection of flash fiction, very short stories that can each be read in roughly five minutes. This means that you don’t just get that one story I described above. You’ll also get 22 other dark treats like The One, where a dangerous madman believes he has found his soulmate and Revenge of the Myth, where a department store Santa Claus meets a bizarre, threatening child, a figure who wouldn’t be at all out of place in an Arthur Machen book.

Despite their length, all 23 tales are masterfully written and wrap up satisfyingly, often with scares, sometimes with tears and occasionally even with not entirely comfortable laughter.

So, buy this book, and anytime you need a quick escape (with emphasis on ‘quick’), it’ll be right there to provide it to you.

Here are some pages where you can buy it:

Amazon (US)

Amazon (Canada)

Amazon (UK)


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